TALEA direct to the window frame

Talea system serves in front of windows and doors against the risk of persons falling out or down. It comes with a straight tube with a diameter of 42,4 mm as an upper or bottom flange. The filling consists of vertical balustrade bars made of 12 mm round material.

Next to the simple and fast mounting there is a variety of assembly alternatives to the construction or to the plastic profile window frames or doors. This antifall guard is ready to assemble and can be mounted in your company or on your building site.

Assembly direct to the window frame

By our patented special screwing "Cavus" for cavity chamber sections with reinforcement you may assemble Talea direct to the window frame. You may fix the sectional beads from the front ort he sides to the plastic profile. Cavus will be inserted straight after manufacturing the window frame at the plant. Our antifall protection is mounted after finishing the bare brickwork and after the platering to prevent dirt and contamination or damages to the guard.

Assembly in case of an external roller blind

Special adapted angle brackets permit the assembly of "Talea" connected to outside roller blinds without any problems. This assembly solutions permits a full function of the roller blind guiding bar.

Assembly to the building

Talea antifall guard may be fitted direct to the building without any problems. We deliver respective balustrade parts with the right angles to the tracks and supports. You assemble the guard with angles direct to the front or between the window soffit using tested plug kits.

System with elliptic handrail

To enjoy an optimal design we deliver "Talea" with elliptic hand rails. The elliptic tube has a unique shape and dimensions of 48 x 32 x 2,5 mm.