Drainage and film connection for VISIOPLAN base profiles


Small amounts of water (as well as dew) may get in between the glass panes and on corners. Threaded holes are then made from the outside at non-predestined places on the all-glass balustrade and a small outlet pipe is screwed in to drain the water.

Film connection on base profiles

  • Connection of floor films on all base profiles

  • Length: 3000 mm

  • Material: Anodised aluminium with inserted EPDM sealing cord

  • Film and bitumen sheet thickness of up to 3 mm


The base profile for the laminated safety glass (LSG) is made of high-quality aluminium. The surface is anodised. Glass heights up to 1.3 metres are possible with VISIOPLAN. The applications of our glass balustrade range from the residential sector, the commercial sector through to the public sector, because: depending on the application area, a glass balustrade must withstand a top rail load between 0.5 kN and 1.0 kN per metre. Our base profiles meet the respective requirements.

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Emergency drainage for VISIOPLAN all-glass balustrades

In the area of the LSG, rubber seals take care of draining the rain water. If small amounts still get in, small drainage drill holes in the profile with little drainage pipes can take care of draining the water. In case of heavy rain or at non-predestined places, additional solutions come into play.

Our tested emergency drainage directs larger accumulations of water caused by heavy rain to the outside in a targeted manner.

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