LAMINA balustrade system

Railing balustrades can also be planned as a system in form and colour in future with maximum flexibility: whether in a straight, curved or round look; classic in a discreet, uniform colour or with different colours for the base plates, bars and the handrail. With the LAMINA railing balustrade, there are barely any limits any more to planning creativity, even in the previously somewhat classic railing balustrade sector.

In addition, the balustrade, which is made of steel and aluminium, solves tow aesthetic challenges: thanks to the wall panel made of flat steel, the flooring of a balcony panel can be optimally covered and thus be harmoniously or even creatively incorporated into the appearance of the façade. Furthermore, due to the individual prefabricated modules being mechanically screwed together, there is no need at all for visible welding seams.

The new balustrade system is fastened to the floor slab on the sides by screwing. For maximum safety with system structural analysis for 0.5 kN and 1.0 kN.

  • Material: Steel and aluminium

  • for covering the flooring of a balcony panel

  • for staircases with inclines and installation situations with radii

  • System structural analysis for 0.5 kN and 1.0 kN top rail load

  • Base plate at least 180x8 mm (bigger base plates on request)

  • Max. height 1400 mm from the drilling axis of the fastening to the top edge of the balustrade

  • simple installation due to prefabricated modules

  • No visible welding seams

  • Powder coating for enhanced finish and colour

  • Various colours for the base plates, bars and the handrail possible as an architectural feature



Example installation of LAMINA balustrade system

Systems suitably combined

The new SIMPLUM ALUMINIUM MINIMUS fall protection system goes perfectly with the LAMINA balustrade system. The system scores highly with an even slimmer and more delicate look thanks to newly developed top and bottom chords.

Optically it impresses thanks to a high-quality aluminium design and also with a particularly smooth surface and a classic bar design without any welding seams or visible screw connections. Elegant or creative accents are possible due to an individual colour scheme according to the standard RAL table or in special colours directly from the company’s own surface coating. Type structural analysis is available for public or private areas.


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