Aesthetic design language with curves, arches and sweeps: the new VISIOPLAN SINUS all-glass balustrade system

Geisa. With the new VISIOPLAN SINUS all-glass balustrade system, the company Abel Metallsysteme introduces a curved all-glass balustrade in certified premium quality to the market. Besides a delicate, aesthetic design language, it scores highly in terms of safety thanks to the general building authority test certificate (AbP) as well as with service due to pre-assembled delivery included inserted panes.

“With the VISIOPLAN SINUS curved all-glass balustrade we allow greater planning freedom when it comes to the implementation of individual or even spectacular architectural design language in the area of balconies,” says managing director and developer, Klaus Peter Abel, explaining his new product. Using flooring profiles and handrails curved outwards or inwards, the new VISIOPLAN SINUS all-glass balustrade system combined with glass creates transparent and arched shapes that give the building an exclusive appearance inside as well as out, and satisfy high aesthetic standards of transparency and elegance.

As is also the case with the company’s other products, the new balustrade system is not only developed and planned in house, but also produced in the company’s own production facility. Many trials were conducted over the past months as part of the development to achieve this. “Bending the profiles in particular was a challenge and was repeatedly tested and optimised by our employees in production so that we are able to offer radii with the highest flexibility,” says Klaus Peter Abel about the development process. The results were then tested on the internal test bench for their safety and in the last step externally certified with the general building authority test certificate. “Safety and design do not contradict each other at our company,” the managing director explains. “It was also important for us to supply the customer with such a delicate and sophisticated product that is ready to use,” continues Abel. “We therefore send it on its way for use pre-assembled including the inserted glass pane.”

Awarded the general building authority test certificate (AbP), VISIOPLAN SINUS is not only an artistic, but also a fall-protective and easy to install balustrade for private and public buildings. An approval in individual cases is no longer necessary.

VISIOPLAN SINUS at a glance:

  • Steel system for all-glass balustrades
  • fall-protective function
  • Delivery pre-assembled incl. inserted pane
  • Bending radii from 950 mm both outwards and inwards possible
  • Pane heights up to 1300 mm
  • Can be used for indoors and outdoors
  • For private and public construction projects
  • With abP
  • Connection profiles for sheet metal covering available
  • Available in all RAL colours
            balustrade curved