Our products in form and colour

Colour underlines the character and effect of a building. With balustrade systems, fall protection devices or window reveals, colour accents can be set in a targeted manner and the desired architectural effect of a building can be underlined.

We can meet the demand of architects and planners for unique and exciting effects with an in-house, ecologically certified powder coating facility. Alongside the entire colour range, special colours as well as different gloss levels from matt to metallic colours are also available. For façades with great designs: whether as an elegant statement or as a creative accent.

  • Shorter delivery times due to the company’s own powder coating

  • Ecologically certified facility

  • all standard RAL colours possible

  • Special colours on request

  • Gloss level and surface texture can be selected

  • Additional corrosion protection possible by means of passivation

  • Harder corrosion protection possible (primer and top coat)

  • Steel parts up to an edge length of 6000 x 2200 x 2100 mm

  • Aluminium up to an edge length of 6000 x 2200 x 2100 mm

  • Weight up to 1000 kg

David Wald
Tel.: 036967 5937 204 · email: dwald(at)abelsystem.de

Christian Klinzing
Tel.: 036967 5937-24 · email: cklinzing(at)abelsystem.de