AQUA VIVA - Balustrade system with drainage integrated in the profile

Winner of the ARCHITECTS' DARLING AWARDS 2018 in the category "Best Product Innovation - Development"

How do you combine high-quality balustrades with functional and optically unobtrusive drainage? Abel Metallsysteme has just the solution, which combines the balustrade installation with the drainage of the balcony or terrace in one step across all disciplines. This innovative new product has a name: AQUA VIVA!

Reduced design, a sophisticated profile with integrated drainage solution, many combination options for flush integration in the façade and floor combined with high-quality materials. This is how the patented AQUA VIVA balustrade system is defined, which optically enhances façades, since the building aesthetics are not restricted by any visible rain gutters.

AQUA VIVA attributes

The AQUA VIVA balustrade system for terraces and balconies collects the rain water using a flush and narrow inlet channel and reliably takes it away through a hidden drainage channel into downpipes and to the sewage system. Water in the floor covering seeping through is also drained off into the drainage channel via the sealing and punched holes in the base profile. Various installation heights are available.

AQUA VIVA contains everything needed to install a complete balustrade system. All system components, starting with the base profiles for fastening at the front and on top, prefabricated corner solutions, fastening materials, sealing material, through to different types of balustrade and handrails are perfectly matched with each other.

AQUA VIVA is designed and prefabricated by us. This fabrication is done according to your measurements. Precise installation instructions are included.

  • flush installation

  • integrated surface drainage

  • different installation heights

  • invisible drainage channel

  • various combination and installation types for new builds and renovation

  • individual use even with insulated building shells

  • type-tested structural analysis and general building authority test certificate (AbP)

  • Corners pre-assembled, with glued in sealing modules

Installation types

Floor installation

The AQUA VIVA system is installed on the floor using a support wedge, which is structurally pre-dimensioned depending on the requirement. The support wedge is fastened on the concrete slab with a chemical anchor. The drainage profile is then suspended from the support wedge, fixed in place and fastened at the front with a chemical anchor.

Side installation

The AQUA VIVA system is installed from the side using a mounting plate, which is fastened with a chemical anchor. After that, the drainage profile is suspended from the mounting plate, fixed in place and screwed.



The AQUA VIVA balustrade system with integrated balcony drainage also provides a solution for balconies with raised flooring. Just like the side and floor installation systems, here too the base profile is suspended in the construction, fixed in place, aligned and screwed on the front side with chemical anchors.

Installation help

Variable screw spacings lengthways in the rail for quick, easy and dust-free screw assembly on site.

Corner construction

The pre-assembled corner constructions are connected to the base profiles with extension pins and a pressure-tested sealing module. Available in the standard 90 degree version. Special corners with variable angles on request.

Other accessories


Variability is writ LARGE at Abel Metallsysteme. Almost any flooring structure can be compensated by using attachment profiles for the AQUA VIVA system. Adapted holding strips enable the plaster base panels or metal sheets to be installed flush. An inspection shaft integrated in the base profile is used for convenient cleaning from the inside of the balcony.


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