Impact-resistant panes

Prallscheiben am Fenster
  • Individual manufacture for fall protection devices with noise-reducing properties (tested by customer)

  • Spacer bars with integrated ventilation slits (at sides)

  • Custom-made product at customer’s request

  • As an alternative to casement windows


Green building, sustainability, positive eco balance are terms which are increasingly found in the media and press. Yet it is much more. It is a challenge for us all and above all for future generations. As a company, ABEL Metallsysteme is trying to make its contribution towards this. Many of our systems for parapets, fall protection devices or canopies are combined with solar elements. Handrails and canopies with integrated LED lighting round off the energy-saving range. By using solar and LED systems, a small building block can help the energy revolution succeed.

We offer the solar laminated glass parapet system as a complete solution including solar element, assembly system, (hidden) wiring and optionally also with an inverter. In this respect, fall protective glass/glass solar composite elements are installed in accordance with the “Technical rules for the use of accident-prevention glazing (DIN 18008)”. The solar elements are available in clear glass or various tinted versions, and also with a choice of clear or textured glass surface.

französischer Balkon mit Solar
  • Glass-glass composite elements for parapets, floor-to-ceiling windows and French balconies

  • Solar laminated glass with general building authority approval (abZ)

  • Complete system including solar element, fall protection, inverter and wiring

  • Solar element is available in clear or tinted glass

  • Hidden cable routing and connection technology in edge protection made of stainless steel for high design demands

  • Highest quality of all components “Made in Germany”

  • Technical execution and dimensions of the fall protection as well as standard versions on catalogue page 01/24

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