RATIO FERRO balustrade system

Opt for easy solutions with planning reliability - but make no compromises in terms of safety, quality and looks.

With Ratio Ferro, the first standardised steel balustrade system for commercial construction, you get an uncomplicated balustrade system made of steel and specially developed for commercial construction: with comprehensive structural analysis, timeless looks and quick installation. Particularly suitable for apartment blocks, office complexes and multiple dwellings.

Attributes of RATIO FERRO balustrade systems

  • System structural analysis for 0.5 kN and 1.0 kN top rail load

  • prefabricated balustrade panels in various widths (974 mm, 1214 mm and 1574 mm)

  • two standard heights of 1200 mm and 1300 mm

  • prefabricated 90° corners

  • individual corners and fillings to adapt the balustrade system to your circumstances

  • quick installation by screwing the balustrade panels together

  • galvanized surfaces, which are finished according to your wishes at the company’s own powder coating facility

The balustrade system is made of modular balustrade panels, which are available in two standard heights. Different widths, individual corners and fillings, but also prefabricated 90 degree corners make the balustrade flexible along with optimal ease of installation.

Due to the simple plug-in system, which saves welding the individual railings on site, not only is the installation time reduced, but this also achieves a slim look to the balustrade

Create accents


Furthermore, individual colouring in the company’s own powder coating facility allows a range of designer colour accents without extending the delivery time further.

Optionally combined with the right Simplum Steel fall protection for floor-to-ceiling windows, a timeless, high quality and harmonious outer façade is created, which can be integrated in different constructional surroundings.

Flexible and easy to install

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