The Simplum Steel fall protection is a classic French balcony made of flat profiles for floor-to-ceiling windows. Doing without decorative elements, single posts and balustrade fillings meets all the requirements of modern architecture. The design in steel also enables a free and completely individual adjustment in terms of length and also colour.

Combine safety with timeless and individual design.

  • Version in galvanized steel or galvanized steel with subsequent powder coating

  • according to standard RAL table or special colours

  • Manufactured from welded flat steel profiles according to DIN EN 1090

  • Fastened with straps or brackets according to static requirement

  • Type structural analysis available for public or private areas

  • Fastened on the front of the window frame with various profile screw anchors

  • For use on plastic windows, wood windows, wood/aluminium windows, aluminium windows

  • Fastened to the building structure (fastening material on site)

  • manufactured and monitored according to standard: DIN EN 1090

Create accents


Individual colouring in the company’s own powder coating facility allows a range of designer colour accents without extending the delivery time further.

Optionally combined with the right RATIO FERRO balustrade system with comprehensive structural analysis, a timeless, high quality and harmonious outer façade is created, which can be integrated in different constructional surroundings.

Marco Köllner
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